5 must-dos for SEO beginners

SEO is the reality of the day when it comes to marketing on the web. You cannot ignore it at all. Everyone wants their website on top and SEO is the primary tool to achieve this. If you are new to SEO, then you need to do a few things for sure. As SEO is a tool to outsmart competitors you need to apply solid research and analytics-based approach. Here are 5 must-dos for SEO beginners.

1. Keyword Grouping
You need to organize your keywords into clusters because it serves various purposes. This is important to inform your website’s information architecture to optimize your landing pages, to identify the areas in your website where there is potential to develop content, and for more reasons. Keyword grouping helps you to improve your SEO and PPC workflow and so it gives you a better understanding of how different types of keyword works for your website.

2. Page change checking
Page change checking is quite important to SEO. It is especially useful when the website is used by numerous website admins, promoting specialties or customers. So if any enhancement you are making on your page then you need to observe it so that you get all cautions about it. Checking page changes tells you when your customer or your website admin is rolling out a site improvement that affects your website ranking and so by checking this page change you can make any vital change that saves your website from a drop in rankings or a potential punishment from Google.

3. Competitors SEO Research
Research about your competitor’s SEO is quite important for your marketing. You should observe your competitor’s advertising exercises, beginning with marketing activities to new content and new links. You can use various tools to discover your competitor’s keyword for organic search. What this does when you research your competitor’s activities is that this allows you to know that what are the tactics your competitors are applying to get quality traffic and so based on this information you can develop your own SEO strategy.

4. Long Tail Keywords
If you are looking to get high rankings in organic searches in Google then you should use long-tail keywords. A general mistake made by people is to neglect long trail keywords because long-tail keywords don’t generate huge traffic in the beginning but over a period of time by cultivating these keywords for which users search you will get better results. However, finding a long tail keyword for your target audience and your website may be a challenging job. You can use keyword suggestion tools that provide these features.

5. Mobile Rank Tracking
Everyone knows what role mobile phone plays today in everyone’s life. So, mobile metrics have become extremely important in current times. You need to understand the mobile-friendly algorithm which is already in play. So you must keep a close eye on the mobile ranking of your website. Any changes or fluctuations in the mobile ranking of your website must be observed by you carefully as and when they occur. For this purpose, you can use the Google search console with which you can track mobile rankings of your website using the Search Analytics Report.

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