We provide tender assistance and bid management services to busy entrepreneurs and business owners worldwide. We help our B2B customers acquire more and more business through RFPs/RFQs/Tenders. RFPs/RFQs/Tenders/RFIs are a great way to source businesses. While RFPs and RFQs help you close deals, RFIs are a great way to make your presence felt in the market. Usually, most RFI leads to an RFP/RFQ/Tender. While customer interactions are always a key to successful business sourcing, government and large business houses tend to offer business contracts to successful bidders through RFPs/RFQs/Tenders. We help customers in preparing the proposal document in-time and make it ready for submission.


    Our team has in-depth knowledge and working experience of supplier selection, tender adjudication and contract management. We know what a Buyer wants and why they ask specific questions. We have successfully assisted various companies from a variety of industries in writing persuasive winning tenders and proposals by providing the following services:

    1. RFP/Tender evaluation

    We evaluate previous RFPs/tenders to identify gaps and weaknesses. We prepare a comprehensive report detailing specific suggestions and alternative approaches to minimize perceived weaknesses and improve the success scores and conversions.

    2. Tender assistance and copywriting

    • We get your business and product/service information.
    • We create the proposal content to position you as the preferred option.
    • We share the first draft for your review.
    • Once the draft is ready for submission we perform a final review to ensure your proposal complies with every tender/RFP requirements and the bid is professional and competitive.

    3. Bid library compilation

    Although every tender document is different and requires a bespoke approach, some of the contents can be reused over and over again. We create a generic library of templates and reusable content to save you precious time when writing the next tender, or responding to one on a very short notice.


    • Our customers are always at peace whenever it comes to exploring new business opportunities and responding to tenders/RFPs.

    • Every information is organized and readily available.

    • Coversions are high, resulting in higher business revenues and profits.

    • We offer unmatched customer service with a quick turnaround.


    • Education

    • Training and Skill Development

    • Public Speaking

    • Legal

    • Accounting

    • Pharma

    • Telecom

    • Power

    • IT and Engineering

    • Construction

    • Real Estate

    • Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

    • ERP Implementation

    • CAD/AVL/APC Transit Solutions

    • Transport and Warehousing

    • HR and Staffing Services

    • Web and Mobile Application Development

    • e-Commerce, Software

    • Security and Surveillance

    • Research, Public Utilities

    •Janitorial Services

    • Diversity and Inclusion

    • Non-profits and many more.