Effective Landing page design for PPC campaign

An optimized landing page design is an important part of our PPC campaign. An effective landing page helps to make sure the better conversion and ROI from paid advertisements. The landing pages should meet the expectation of our target customers so that they are inclined to take further action after coming to our webpage. Marketers often get more engaged with keyword planning and CPC management to get better results and ignoring the importance of landing page entirely. Here we will discuss some essential steps we must take for an effective landing page design.

  • Landing page relevance

The landing page must be relevant to your keyword and ad copy. There must not be any difference between what you are promising in your ad and your landing page. Customers come to your website with some expectations and they leave your page if you fail to meet the expectation. The landing should be in sync with your PPC keywords.

  • Use image intelligently

Images or graphics play a vital role to grab the attention of your customer and make them convert. It should help to communicate your message properly to the target group. Unnecessary graphics can distract and take customers away from your page.

  • Show your USP

You have very limited time to convert a click into a conversion. So, do not hesitate to show your USP to the visitors. Tell them how you are the best choice for their requirement. People come to your page with some need and they want to what best deal you can offer.

  • Win the trust of your customer

It is very important that you win the trust of your target audience by showing your worth. You can do it by adding reviews, testimonials, etc. on your landing page. Showing your social presence also helps significantly to boost your credibility.

  • Create captivating Call to Actions

Call to Action is vital for your campaign as it helps in getting customers to take the action what you want them to do. It should be the first thing, your visitors should notice on your landing page. For getting more conversions, we must take care of the color and size of the Call to action button very precisely. Avoid using vogue word for Call to Action button that does not convey your message properly.

  • Take care of page speed

You cannot afford to make your customer wait for opening your page. Make sure your web page opens very fast so that customers have a wonderful experience at first hand. You can check the page speed at Google page speed insights and improve it by following the given suggestions.

  • Make a responsive landing page

A huge number of your potential customers use Mobile or tablet for the Internet. So, you cannot avoid that segment of the audience. Make sure your landing page is responsive and open properly across devices and browsers.

  • Simplicity works

Do not try to overdo things, which distract the customers. The interface of your landing page should be user-friendly and easy to go through. Too much focus on aesthetics can negatively impact the conversion.

  • Test and improve

You need to work continuously to optimize your landing page. Even if you are getting good conversions, you cannot afford to sit back and enjoy it. The market is very dynamic and things are changing day by day, so you also must find where you can improve the landing page and do the same to beat the competition. A proper A/B testing is a must and will help to find out the scope for improvement on your landing page.

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