How to grow your Instagram account organically

Instagram is a popular social media platform and one of the fastest-growing. It is hard to ignore Instagram when you are involved in serious brand development and connect with new customers. When we talk about growing Instagram account, it is not about followers only but also engagement with the target audience. So how to grow your Instagram account organically and get better traction, here we will discuss some simple strategies to do the same.

(1) Add quality content

It is better to focus on quality than quantity. If you add original and unique content, it has a better chance to attract more audience. Try to use your own images for the post or high-quality stock images. Spend time to create visually appealing contents, which can attract viewers

(2) Engage with other accounts from your niche

Engage with other accounts from the niche you are working on. Do not just follow them, engage with them on regular basis, and leave genuine comments or feedback. You can find people from your niche by searching hashtag or search terms. This will genuinely help your account to get discovered by other people.

(3) Link your Instagram account with other social media accounts

If you are an active user of other social media platforms other than Instagram, then you must interlink those accounts. This will help people from other social media platforms to discover your Instagram account.

(4) Use the proper hashtags

Hashtags are a great tool to get your post seen by other people who are not following you and thus having the opportunity to connect with them. Keep a proper balance of generic and niche hashtags for your post. Check similar accounts to find out what type of hashtags others are using.

(5) Organize and plan your post.

There is no alternative to proper planning. It will help to be consistent and innovative with your post on Instagram. You can organize different themes for different days and post accordingly. Have a game plan and a proper focus on the target audience.

(6) Use video content

There is a huge rise in the popularity of video content on Instagram. If you are only posting images then probably you are missing a large audience base who are more interested in video content.

(7) Tag people or place in your post.

If your post allows tagging someone or a place, do not hesitate to do the same. Tagging offers a better chance to discover the post by other people.

(8) Connect or socialize with people

Instagram is a social media platform, so you must socialize with other accounts more often. Leave comments, ask people to follow you, or involve in a community, it really helps to get more people who will be interested to connect with you organically.

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