How to improve ad copies for paid search

Paid search is a popular and effective form of online advertisement. To get better conversions from our paid search, we must write engaging and creative ad copies every time. Though ad copies are one of the most important elements for paid search ads, we often do not offer enough focus and time on it. Here we will discuss some simple strategies we can follow to improve our ad copies and eventually get better results from our online ads.

(1) Write ad copies simple, concise, and to the point. Do not use unnecessary jargon in your ad copy and confuse your audiences. Sometimes shorter headlines can bring more conversion than long headlines.
(2) Your ad copies should try to improve the credibility and trust factor of your company. Include facts, which help to reduce the anxiety in your customers’ minds regarding your offerings.
(3) The ad copies must clearly communicate the values of your products or services. Emphasize on the USP of your offerings to attract customers. You can grab the attention of your potential customer by adding a phrase like ‘No Extra Cost’, ‘Shipping free’ etc. if applicable
(4) Do competitor research before writing ad copies. Check what kind of headlines, keywords, etc. your competitors are using in their ad copies. Then try to write unique and better than those.
(5) Add the incentive you are offering clearly in your ad copies. Customers are attracted to discounts, sales, etc. while purchasing anything. If you have such incentives, you must add them properly to your ad copies.
(6) Do no trust in one ad copy. Write different ad copies for the same advertisement. Try to use different headlines and words, be unique and experimental with your ad copies. Also, the ad copies should be written according to the target demographics.
(7) Use words that grab the attention of target customers in clutter. Write copies that can easily pop up among other ads. Also, the ad copies must inspire the customers to take the proper action, you want them to take.

Improving ad copies is continuous and extensive exercise. You must have a proper plan and focus to consistently work on your ad copies and make them more competitive.

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