How to optimize the website menu for better SEO results?

A well planned and structured website is crucial for getting better Google’s search results. Among all elements, the website menu is the most prominent and important. It helps us to navigate the website help search crawlers to find out different web pages and prioritize accordingly. If your website menu is effective, it will help you to get better search ranking and eventually more leads. While designing our website, we need to give significant time in structuring and developing the menu. If we follow some best practices for our menu, we can offer a better experience to the visitors. The menu helps in building internal links, which go one page of the website to the other page. It helps the search engine crawler to navigate the web pages easily and also crawling a new page created by you.

Find out the most important pages and prioritize them in your menu. On the basis of keywords, you are targeting for SEO, you can get the most important pages and give them the place on Top menu.

Consider adding drop down to add more pages in your menu. If you have multiple services or product categories, you must use a mega menu to add them all. Most of the online shopping sites use a mega menu to accommodate multiple product categories and products they are offering.

We can add multiple menus rather than a single menu on the top or header section of the website. Multiple menus allow us to add more pages in the menu section and catch the attention of customers to different pages. By doing that we can get more visits to the pages, which are not there in the main menu.

Design your menu keeping users in mind rather than search engines. You must offer wonderful user experiences to your website visitors. The menu should complement to that and make the navigation easy for visitors.

Keep the menu short and simple. Name the navigation links or button properly, so that visitors easily understand want to expect from the pages. Do not add too many company branding etc. on the menu. For new visitors, it will confuse them and may take away from the website.

Website menus or navigation can help to get the first impression right. The menu helps customers to navigate through different pages of the website at the same time to create an internal link. Therefore we must put some effort and attention to create a perfect menu for our website.

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