Increase your email marketing CTR – some actionable ways

Email marketing is an efficient way to improve customer engagement and brand awareness. To run a successful email marketing campaign the role Click Through Rate or CTR is pivotal. CTR helps you to analyze how your customers are engaging with your email and your email campaign is working or not. It is really frustrating if you have a good open rate but customers are clicking on your email or take the desired action by you. Let’s talk about some simple but actionable ways to increase the CTR and get a better return on investment

  • Try to send personalized emails to people, which they really like. The data you gathered about subscribers can be handy to design a personalized email. If you can create interest, there is a better chance that subscribers click on your email.
  • Write crisp and to the point email. A lot of unnecessary content can distract the reader often annoy them to take further action
  • Ensure that you send mobile-optimized emails to your customers. Research shows that a large number of people use mobile to check emails. So if you not mobile-optimized email, you are loosing large potential clicks.
  • Put extra effort to Call to action in your email. It is Call to Action button though which you encourage the customers to click and take the specific action. So you must create an action-oriented and creative Call to Action button. Also, try to be specific with your Call to action button
  • Add social media sharing icon in your email. Study shows that email social media sharing icon has better CTR than the email without.
  • Segment your email subscribers and send different emails according to the segment. As different people have different interests, sending the same email to all subscribers can impact the CTR. Sending the right deal to the right people will definitely improve the CTR
  • Run some a/b tests before sending the final email to customers. There may be various flaws with your email and proper testing can help you to identify and rectify those errors easily.
  • Do not try to do too much with your email design. An over-complicated design confuses customers and take attention from the content of your email. A simple and easy to understand email design is better to get more CTR.
  • Create a standout subject line for your email. The subject line should be clickable and include the value proposition you are offering to the customers.

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