SEO vs. PPC – which is more suitable for your business

SEO and PPC are the two most powerful methods of online marketing to generate more traffic and profit for businesses. It is always a dilemma for businesses whether they would focus on organic traffic that is SEO or paid traffic that is PPC. Certainly, the sole goal is to get more profit out of their investment but the decision is hard to take. Both SEO and PPC are hugely popular among online marketers and have their own pros and cons. Depending upon your business profile, strategy, and circumstances, you need to take an integrated approach to get the best return. Here we will discuss the pros and cons of both and why you should use them

SEO and why you should use it

SEO is the technique to get your website optimized for different search engines and thus get organic traffic directed from those search engine websites.

SEO is consistent and has a relatively long gestation period. The result will not be going to come easy and fast. However, once you get there you will get sustained traffic for a long period. If you keep working on the website, you can get a high return from your investment.

If want to create an authority in your domain, SEO is the best way to do that. It ensures sustainable traffic to your website. Though SEO you can create better awareness about your website.

The search engines do not charge anything for the traffic you are getting from their website. The only cost and effort you incur for the activities of SEO. The cost per click is very less in SEO for the long run. Also, you get better volume of traffic once your website gets listed higher than paid traffic.

Having a high place in search engine results can improve the credibility of the brand and thus create a greater brand value. It also gives a strategic advantage over your competitors once you have established your website in the search result and the competitors are not focused on SEO

PPC and why you should use it

PPC is an online advertising method where your website will be shown in result for particular keywords and you will be charged if someone clicked on that result and thus come to your website.

While SEO is a time taking the task, PPC can offer you immediate results. As long as you have the necessary budget for PPC, you can run it and get the targeted traffic.

PPC also offers you control over a budget, you can spend whatever you want. Though in PPC you need to pay for each click so CPC is quite high.

If you want only targeted audience to your website then PPC allows you to have more control over it than SEO. You can manage your time, geography, language, device, etc. in PPC.

PPC is not get affected by any algorithm change search engine so less fluctuate. In SEO, your result get highly effected by any new updates from search engine and you need time to comply with the changes

Your PPC ads and other efforts are easier to copy by the competitors than the activities you are doing for SEO.

So, we can see both SEO and PPC have their own advantages and disadvantages which we need to consider before investing. Your decision can depend on various factors like time, customers you are targeting, the lifecycle of the product, budget, etc. First set your objective and check which method can give you better ROI or you need both for competitive advantage.

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