Content Marketing Strategy

    Content is an important aspect of any digital marketing and brand building strategy. We provide engaging and tailor content marketing services, that take your business to the next level.

    Approach TomattoGroup to take your business to the next level

    Content Marketing aims to reach your target audience and keep them returned for content like news, ideas, and comments from the industry. Your brand will be ready to buy by becoming a resource for your potential customers.

    Since each company is unique, we will develop a tailor-made content marketing strategy to attract the correct visitors and set certain specific goals. To extend reach and knowledge of your latest content, our specialised outreach team then share your latest content with main web pages, blogs and public media personalities to gain additional traffic.

    A comprehensive Content Marketing strategy by Tomattogroup

    Do you struggle to create enough visual content to reduce noise and truly connect with the audience? You can easily discover, manage, view and optimise authentic user-generated content (UGC) in addition to your branded assets with TomattoGroup powered visual content marketing platform.

    • Creativity Stands us Unique in The Crowd

    TomattoGroup adopts a unique and goal-oriented approach to your business by adopting innovation, creativity and globally accepted strategies. We increase your in-store purchases by a thorough understanding of business and strategic management. So, if every month, your search ends here with TomattoGroup if you are looking for record-breaking traffic.

    Access the entire UGC potential

    TomattoGroup is the UGC curation platform for the next generation. We differentiate ourselves by the combination of our unique technology and our specialised support services. This is why leading brands and retailers turn to us to help them transform the way they involve UGC customers.

    We create & distribute effective business messages to your target audience

    Content marketing is the best in funnel content, and both the company and the buyer have a journey. Content marketing ultimately values your public and increases your business revenues. Work with us, and we will show your audience, map customer travel content and create.

    • Awareness stage content
    • Consideration stage content
    • Decision stage content

    From keywords and best practice research, strategy and content development to maximising the output of your business.

    Customer performance

    Who is your demographic? What are they like? Where and how do they spend time online?

    • Audit

    We take a closer view of the content of your offerings. Simply identify what works and opportunities to improve.

    • Strategy

    Here we plan to achieve not only the aims of the campaign. What will be the content of the 'hero', and what will the components be? How should the content be published to have the greatest impact?

    • Execution

    It's time to implement this plan. Content before being deployed will be revised, developed and revised again.

    • Analysis

    We measure the success of the content with a range of metrics. We can detect the results and new opportunities from numerous pages of view, comments, shares and communityinvolvement.

    Why should you request a review of your current content from Tomattogroup's team of experts?

    • In a content review, all contents currently live on your website are identified. We check each content piece, analyse and identify the content you need to update, delete or create.

    • It is not enough to simply put your content in front of people, and they must stop it, so we give it attention, and review the content that has a fundamental impact.

    • Our full content marketing services are a solution for your brand with a power package. Get prepared for an exponential business growth digital transformation for your brand.

    • Our problem solving and review of your current content gives your brand a comprehensive approach, enabling it to pass on to a larger audience easily.

    • Let us work together and turn your company into a world-renowned brand.

    • We have the clear knowledge that more than content writing, content reviewing is important.

    • In short, it's a creative process, however, we assist you in planning, structure, integrating references, and then start developing the contents.

    • Once our reviewer has done the process, it is all about enhancing the content and maintaining it neutral.

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    Learn more about our content marketing service, then give us a call, our experts are ready to assist you in every step, and they will explain the process in detail.