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    Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) supports site performance by improving the ratio of site visitors converted into actual customers. CRO also assists in increasing sales, Click-through rates and other undefined goals without having to increase the amount of traffic coming to your website.

    Approach Tomattogroup to get an excellent Data Consultancy service

    The easiest way to improve your business is to analyse your performance, customers and data. We offer customers data consultancy services and help enhance our customers' analytical skills, build competencies, and understand the mechanical business. Tomattogroup uses robust tracking and data technology to give you a comprehensive and accurate view of your company's performance. We then meld this data with business and strategic thinking to identify new possibilities.

    End-to-end Business Intelligence solutions that support your decision-making process

    • Is your data-driven business? We help your business build their data estate and enable them to make decisions based on data. • At Tomattogroup, we help organisations construct a data-driven culture that benefits and maintains a competitive advantage in the current market. • We offer end-to-end data analysis solutions that enable us to achieve business outcomes. • We clearly understand that every business has specific needs, but it has common challenges when it comes to taking a data-driven approach. • We provide tailored solutions for every company, from data extraction and reporting to advanced analytics, to overcome their data problems. • The objective of Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Analytics is to improve your business by using your data. • We are a consulting specialist with many years of expertise in the field of business information and data analysis. • With our extensive technical experience and strong business skills, we have a thorough understanding of how Data Analytics will improve your business.

    We help organizations of any sizes to collect, analyze & visualize data and then transform it into actionable insights

    We drive competitive benefit for our customers by enabling them to become truly data-driven. We help business design and implement robust data management strategies for companies and construct data warehouses that ensure data safety, accuracy and reliability. We can also transform and operationalize your analytics to allow you not to interact with past behaviour but to respond to customers' needs proactively.Our data and analytics services encompass consultation, counselling and management.

    Our Business Intelligence services include

    • Search for new clients, customers or members

    Our staff can tell you where you need to maximise your growth by analysing your data. We immerse ourselves deeply in your data and find which works and trends in your industry can currently not be found. Then we'll tell you what you want in your market, which message you should send, who is exactly open and where those new people can be found.

    • Find and understand your target market

    Our team will build your current audience with a comprehensive demographic profile that allows you to make more informed decisions about growth, retention and service provision.

    •Build a better company and save money

    Our team analyses things like your income data, business hours, skipping levels, sales and audience demographics to find areas to improve your business model.

    •Get more income from your current clients, customers, members and donors

    Our team will dive into your information and tell you who and what you can achieve a higher return using cross-country and up-selling measures.

    •Get your customers or members the best retention rate possible

    Our team build models will tell you every contact's probable behaviour, and why. This allows you to take targeted measures.

    By leveraging advanced BI tools available in the market, our Business Analysts nicely stitch together all your marketing data into a clean & business-ready format

    The application and adoption of BI/Data Analytics accelerate our analysis management services in your organisation. Our consultants work on your objectives, identify missed opportunities and support new technologies and innovations. We understand that every firm has particular needs, but it has common challenges when it comes to a data-driven approach. Our experts use advanced BI instruments available in the market to excellently combine all your marketing information into a clean and enterpriseformat.

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