Pay Per Click (PPC) Agency in London

What do we do

TGL offers Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing services to its customers. After proper assessment and understanding of a customer's business objectives, TGL creates and sets up the campaigns on search engines and social media platforms. A budget is earmarked for every day, week, or month. All advertisements and results are tracked and ROI is calculated. Scrutiny is required for the entire campaign period to ensure that the results and trends are as planned.

How we do it

As a part of the PPC marketing process, TGL performs the following -

  • TGL understands customer's business objectives - short-term, medium-term and long-term
  • TGL discusses and recommends, the platforms and an advertisement budget platform-wise, with the customer that would help achieve the business objectives
  • TGL sets up the campaigns after performing thorough research on keywords (that are competitive and reasonably priced in PPC)
  • TGL sets up the monitors to track and assess the campaign results (in some cases, TGL uses paid tools for the best results)
  • TGL initiates the PPC campaigns on a low scale budget to test and review the results.
  • TGL performs periodic tests and continues with the process, everytime tweaking the campaigns for the best results.
  • TGL also performs split testing on every campaign setup.
  • Once the results are as planned, the campaigns are scaled up.
  • All results are tracked and a final report is prepared for the customer to show what and how things performed.

How does it benefit

TGL's PPC Marketing initiatives are beneficial to its customer in multiple ways -

  • The results are always as planned
  • The ROIs are usually always higher because only the most profitable campaigns continue to run till the entire period
  • The marketing objectives are met every time.


We’ve got enough experience to create award winning campaigns on Google AdWords, Bing, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.


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