Some easy ways to boost your Facebook engagement organically

With more than 1 billion people Facebook undoubtedly the biggest and most cluttered social media platform. Many businesses have seen a mindboggling return from their Facebook activities and promotion. At the same time, marketers are finding it increasingly challenging to get substantial engagement from their target audience. We all want to get more reach, likes, share, etc. for your Facebook post organically, so that we can grow our business with a minimum investment from Social media. When Facebook started Facebook Ads, it is seen the organic engagement is drastically affected. So as marketers what we should do to boost the engagement for our Facebook post organically is a big question in front of us. Here are some easy methods; we can implement to increase our Facebook engagement.

  • Facebook post timing – Timing of your Facebook post is an important factor if you get better engagement from your audience. Try to find out the optimum time for your post by posting in the different time slots. While it is important to post when there a chance of maximum people to be online but it also increases the competition. So, we need to find out the time, which works best for us.
  • Use Images often – Try to use creative and engaging images more often in your post. Users find images interesting, easy to understand, and sharable, and thus get more engaged with the post.
  • Ask questions from the audience – Asking a question is a great way to engage with your target audience easily and make them respond to your post. It also helps to get insight from your customers like their preferences, dislikes, etc. You can ask different types of questions through your post to remain fresh and enchanting.
  • Include a call to action – If you want your audience to take a particular action on your post, then the simple thing is to ask them for that. It is advisable to add the desired call of action in every post so that audience tends the respond accordingly
  • Frequency of posting – Too many posting can be lethal to the engagement of Facebook posts at the same time posting too little will not help to establish your brand. There must be a substantial time gap between the two posts. Try to work out the strategy that works for your brand rather than blindly posting.
  • Reply to your audience – You must respond to every comment or query you get from your audience on your post in a time-bound manner. It will help them to feel valued and come back again. Make it a habit to check the comments and reply on daily basis.
  • Use Facebook video – Facebook allows you to directly upload a video to create a post, so you must use that rather than adding YouTube video. It is seen native video receives more engagement from the audience in comparison to videos from YouTube or other third party sites
  • Repost the most popular post – One of the easiest ways to get more engagement is by publishing the post which has received a very good response from your target audience.

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