What to do for Successful Mobile PPC Strategy?

Mobile traffic is the most prominent and growing segment for paid search traffic. It can be lethal to ignore mobile traffic any longer for our PPC campaign. We need to make a fresh strategy for PPC specifically on mobile for better capital utilization and conversions. There are many marketers who ignore separate mobile strategies for the PPC campaign and have paid heavily in terms of ROI. So how to approach the Mobile PPC strategy? Here we will discuss some actionable things you can do without much hassle for a mobile-ready PPC campaign

  • Optimize your website or landing page for mobile. If you have not developed a mobile responsive website, it is time to do now. It is really irritating for customers to browse a website that is not mobile optimized and it can be the single most common reason for the PPC campaign to do poorly on mobile. So make the website mobile optimized to explore the full potential of your PPC campaign on mobile.
  • Avoid display campaigns for mobile traffic. The display campaign works very poorly on mobile devices and impacts the overall performance of your PPC display campaign. So it is better to exclude mobile traffic in display campaigns. In some cases like the remarketing display campaign, we can consider mobile devices.
  • If you have provided calling facility to customers for any support or purchase, you must use that phone number in call extension for your search campaigns. You can make your call extension mobile preferred while creating it. If you do it, it is more likely that customers will see call extension in the search result and directly call you rather than visiting your landing page. It helps to eliminate an entire step and get better conversions.
  • Adopt different scheduling strategies for mobile. It has been seen, over the course of the day, the traffic source may vary. During the morning, lunchtime and evening, there is more traffic from mobile. So as a marketer we should create an efficient scheduling strategy for Mobile PPC to get the best rate of conversion
  • Consider expanded text ads especially for mobile. Goggle offers provision for adding more text for your PPC ads. On mobile, it can be a huge advantage as your ad will take more space of the user’s screen and it improves the visibility of your ad and subsequently the CTR
  • You must utilize other call extensions for your mobile ads, which are applicable to your business. Ads extensions like Callout extension and site link can be very useful for mobile PPC. If your ad is coming on the number 1 sport on mobile, using these extensions help you take the most part of the users’ mobile screen. It will definitely help you to grab the attention of your customers and as a result, getting a better response.

To get the best out of your mobile PPC campaign, you need to devote focus and time. You should not hesitate to try and test different strategies for your mobile PPC and find out the best suitable for you.

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